Sunday, March 11, 2012

Duties of a Dramaturg

We made a outline trying to define the duties for the Dramturgs:

I. Pre-Production Tasks
   a. Get Production Deadline list and Dramaturgy calendar
   b. Attend Director's concept meeting
   c. Read play several times
            i. Determine type of play and type of production/concept
   d. Meet with the Director and go over what your duties can/will be. (At least 4 weeks before the first rehearsal)
   e. Develop a system of communication and decide how you will answer questions.
   f. review and update content guide
   g. Put notes from director's meeting and content guide in binder.
   h. Develop the Director's Packet
             i. A letter with your ideas about dramturgy, special skills, etc
             ii. Articulate "Why This Play Now"
             iii. Production History
             iv. Structure graphs and analysis
             v. Character map and analysis
             vi. Visual and written research
   i. Begin diary/blog to document process.
   j. Extend packet to designers
   k. Attend production meetings
   l. Develop Actor's Packet
          i. Add to director's Packet:
                1. Glossary of unfamillar terms, places, figures, etc
                2. Refine and present reseach (visual and writen) in a comprehensive, concise way.
                3. Refine dramaturg's statment and WTPN
                4. Sometimes: list of plays contemporary to piece
                5. List of further reading with access to that reading
                6. Youtube channel of relvant clips (consult Drirector)
               7. Add anything else the director requests
      m. Start thinking about, and if nessasary planing outreach
            i. Determine education options for outreach

II. Production Tasks
     a. Attending auditions
     b. Attend first week of rehearsals
            i. Dramturgical presentation and Actor's Packets
     c. Update notes/ develop production joural/blog
     d. Develop system with director for answering actor's questions
     e. Begin writing a program note/ reform research
     f. Finalize outreach projects
     g. Proof the Program note
     h.  Develop research blurbs and program note for Learning/ Teaching stages (if applicable)
     i. Create lobby Display
     j. Consider Pre and Post show talk-backs (if applicable)

III. Post-Production Tasks
    a. Finalize binder and finalize blog/notes/diary
    b. Attend Postmortem
    c. Submit to competition

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